Monday Melts Away With 1/2 Off Burger Night At Sonoma Kitchen

Let’s be honest here, Monday’s suck. It’s the absolute worst day of the week. You’ve just spent the entire weekend unwinding from the stress, catching up on your sleep, Netflix binge watching, and wearing whatever clothes felt comfortable (it’s ok, we know you sometimes hang out in sweat pants the entire weekend, we all do), and now you’re expected to wake up and return to the daily grind of work and responsibilities. You get up with the alarm clock again, guzzle your coffee in order to shake off the head fog, and spend the day going through the motions but counting down the hours until it’s the weekend again.

This is what they call life, but what if we told you there was one way to love Mondays as much as Fridays? And it comes in the way of a mini-vacation to the California wine country right here in the heart of downtown Orlando? Unwind and spend some time with us every Monday for 1/2 off burger night. 



Slow Down and Savor the Moment With A Delicious Sonoma Burger

We here at Sonoma Kitchen in Thornton Park will provide you with the exact escape you need from those Monday blues with our Burger Night every Monday starting at 4pm. Melt your stress away like the cheese on top of the 1/2 priced hand crafted Sonoma burger made with Wagyu beef served up with some rustic hand-cut fries or a salad, all the while sipping on your $4 craft beer and enjoying the West coast ambiance of our Sonoma Valley inspired outdoor patio. Not a carnivore? Don’t worry, Chef Edward Torres brought the vegetarian tastes of the West Coast in the hearty black bean burger paired with house made chili mayo. With burger specials adding up to only $5 plus a $4 beer, you can swallow down the worst day of the week with a delicious meal from Sonoma Kitchen for under ten bucks.